About us

Hamamatsu chess club started on the 25th of October 2008.

 The club name
  Hamamatsu Chess Club
 The club establishment day
  25th of October 2008
 The website date
  26th of October 2008
 The notice board date
  2nd of November 2008
 The English version date
  15th of February 2009
 The Japan Chess Association @
@registration date
@1st of May 2009
 The Chinese version date
  1st of March 2011

  Representative of the club
Toshiaki Akinaga
  Vice Representative of the club
Kentaro Shirai
  Accounting of the club
Yosuke Suzuki
  Administrator of the website
the same
  Administrator of the English page
the same
  Administrator of the Chinese page
the same
  Organizer of the club
the same
  Administrator of the notice bord
It is stopping